Bitcoin price exceeds $51 thousand

Bitcoin price exceeds $51 thousand

btc over 50

The value of the first cryptocurrency continues to grow amid news of its purchase by a public company from Germany.

On February 17, the bitcoin rate on the Binance crypto exchange updated its historical maximum, reaching $51.3 thousand. Over the past day, the asset has risen in price by 3%.

The price of the main digital coin is rising amid news that SynBiotic SE, whose securities are listed on the Dusseldorf Stock Exchange, announced the transfer of part of the funds to bitcoin. The firm said in a statement that the move was prompted by concerns about a massive devaluation of the euro and dollar.

“We have more confidence in bitcoin in the long term than in euros or dollars, the money supply of which can be immeasurably increased,” said Lars Müller, CEO of SynBiotic SE.

Earlier it became known that the largest Bitcoin holder among public companies, MicroStrategy, is preparing to invest another $600 million in the first cryptocurrency.To do this, it will place a bond loan maturing in February 2027 and the possibility of early redemption of securities from February 2024.

We can say that Bitcoin is now in “uncharted territory”, because this cryptocurrency first broke the $ 50,000 mark. According to the COO of Skybridge Capital, Brett Messing, Bitcoin will continue to grow. Messing said he would not be surprised if bitcoin reaches $ 100,000 in the next 16 months. Catherine Coley, CEO of the US division of Binance, shares the same opinion.


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