Bill Gates: “I am neutral on Bitcoin”

Bill Gates: “I am neutral on Bitcoin”


Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said he is “neutral” on bitcoin and has no plans to invest in cryptocurrency.

In a recent interview, Gates said that he does not own bitcoins and is not going to buy them. According to Gates, the bitcoin rate cannot be predicted, as it can rise or fall depending on user confidence or even statements by participants in the cryptocurrency industry.

The Microsoft co-founder still believes that digital currencies are used by many for tax evasion and illegal activities. Gates said his charity Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation also works with “digital forms” of money, but all transactions are completely transparent.

“I have a neutral point of view about bitcoin. But this crypto asset is unpredictable. It is impossible to predict how it will develop further, ”said Bill Gates.

In 2018, he criticized the anonymity of cryptocurrency transactions and stated that digital assets are associated with fraudsters, drug dealers and terrorists. At the time, the Microsoft co-founder called digital currencies a “death-causing” technology. Now Gates has changed his attitude towards bitcoin, albeit without becoming a supporter of cryptocurrencies. Microsoft President Brad Smith recently announced that the corporation will not consider Bitcoin as an investment vehicle anytime soon.

However, bitcoin is gaining more and more trust among institutional investors. Investment company BlackRock also began to view bitcoin from a different angle. Previously, the firm considered Bitcoin to be an unstable and under-tested asset. But BlackRock recently announced that it is exploring Bitcoin as an alternative tool for preserving value.


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